The Better Flappy Doge is here! Much better than other clones, as well as the original Flappy Bird! Play Today!

Left-click makes Doge jump.
Space-bar makes Doge jump.

On the top left of the screen is a button for toggling sound on and off. Default is on.

If the game screen does not fit into your browser view, you can zoom out (ctrl and -) to fit it in. The game will scale accordingly.

If the game is losing focus and scrolling down on space-bar click, make sure you’ve clicked at least once on the game screen to gain focus.

This happy and helpful Shibe wants to reach the moon, along with Dogecoin. But oh no, the bad Bitcoin has stacked coins along the Doge’s path. But shibe rocket’s wings are not made for such rapid trajectory changes. Can you help the Shibe reach the moon? See how far you can get! Much intense!

Link to developer website:

Please report any bugs!